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--NOTE-- This page contains the contents of multiple articles all merged into a single large article. If you need help on a specific area of the FMLA Tracker, visit the FMLA User's Guide and/or the FMLA Quick Setup Guide.

Global Preferences/Settings Set up Global and FMLA Preferences

1. Click Settings > Global Preferences > Company Info.
• Enter company name and address.
• Enter Company Logo, Click Assign New Logo and navigate to and select the file containing the logo. It must be no greater than 200 x 200 pixels.
2. Click General Settings.
• Allow use of Forgotten Password utility
Be sure this is checked.  That way, later on, if you forget your password you can contact Gradience Tech Support by going to and click on Submit a Request. We will call you and help you regain access to the software.

• Forced Writes for InterBase
Normally when data are entered, the data reside in memory momentarily (perhaps as long as several minutes) before being sent to the database.  Should your computer crash during that time, the data may be lost before reaching the database.  When checked, this feature enables data to be sent to the database more rapidly.

• Prompt for Backup on exit

When checked, this simply enables a prompt for backup to appear upon closing the program. We recommend you back up your data daily; so having this checked is ideal. 

• Default Hours in a day

Full time – indicates the default number of hours in the typical workday for full-time employees.
Part time – indicates the default number of hours in the typical workday for part-time employees.

3. Click Report Options and check the appropriate items.

• Print Preview - When checked, allows you to preview before printing.     
• Header Bold - When checked, allows header titles to be bold.
• Header Line - When checked, puts a line under header titles.
• Header Shade - When checked, shades the location or department row.
• Data Line - When checked, allows lines to separate data information.
• Print SSN - When checked, allows social security numbers to appear on reports.
• Print Picture - When checked, allows photos to print on reports.
• Print Totals - When checked, allows totals to display on reports.

4. Click FMLA.

• Click Settings > Global Preferences > FMLA.
• Enter your FMLA Contact name and FMLA Contact Information phone/e-mail.
• Enter the FMLA Poster Location(s) – up to 80 characters and enter your FMLA defaults.

5. Click Fingerprint Reader.

Check Enable Fingerprint Reader if you plan to use it as a means of opening the software. You will need to have installed the fingerprint reader and followed the setup instructions that come with it. Adjust the settings as needed.
Change Administrator Password
1. From any screen, click Settings > User Security and highlight the current User Login.
2. On the right, the current password will be displayed as a series of asterisks ( **** ).
3. Enter your new password and repeat the new password under Verify Password and click Save > Close.

Locations & Departments
1. Click Settings > Locations/Departments > New, select New Location

2. enter the name of a location and click Save.

5. Click New > New Department. Enter the name of a department and click Save.  

3. Put checks in the boxes next to the departments belonging to each location.

4. Return to the Employee Detail screen. In the upper-right; click the X just under the Gradience logo for these to be available.

--TIP--  From the Employee Detail screen you can click Add Location or Add Department to enter new Locations and Departments.

Employees – Enter

1. Click Employee Detail > New and enter information into the fields provided.  The required fields are…
First Name, Last Name, Hire Date, Work Status, Employment Status, Location, Department

2. To enter an employee photo, click Edit Picture and when the pop-up opens click on Assign New Photo. Navigate to the photo file that you need, double-click on it to select enter it.  It must be no larger than 200 X 200 pixels. 

Employees - Hide or Display

1. Click View > Employee Display Filter. A popup window will open.

2. Uncheck the type(s) of employees you want to hide, and check the type(s) you wish to see.

3. You will see a checkbox in the upper right for Deleted employees. 

4. Uncheck this checkbox to hide Deleted employees, and check it to display Deleted employees.

5. If you check Hire Range, the program will display only the type(s) of employees checked who were hired between the dates entered. Typically therefore, you would not check Hire Range.

6. Click OK to save these settings.

Security – Set permissions for users.

• Option One: Setup rights from scratch.
• Option Two: Duplicate [or nearly duplicate] the rights of another user.  

Option One: Setup rights from scratch.

Click Settings > User Rights > New. Enter a log In, Full Name, Password, repeat in the Verify Password field. By default, the Common Features tab at the top will be depressed.  Features associated with this tab will appear at the lower right.
1. As you click each item in the Access Rights column, it will highlight and a down arrow will appear.
2. Click on the down arrow and a drop-down menu will appear.
3. Select the appropriate level of access. Repeat this for each feature listed.
--NOTE-- You will have an additional button on the top-right of your screen for each Gradience program installed:
• Gradience Attendance
• Gradience Records
• Gradience TimeClock
• FMLA Tracker

Option Two: Duplicate [or nearly duplicate] the rights of another user  

See Note after step 3.
1. Click Settings > User Rights and highlight the user who’s rights are to be duplicated or nearly so.
2. Click the double-green check marks (Save as) button at the top.  A pop-up window will open.
3. Enter the new login, the name of the new user, the new password and enter the password again and click Save.
--NOTE-- To nearly duplicate another user’s rights, follow Option Two but before saving, restrict access rights to particular features as needed and click Save

--IMPORTANT-- We recommend that only the administrator should have the ability to set the user rights for other users. Therefore, it is important when setting up the rights for another user that you deny access to User Security.

Using Gradience FMLA Tracker

The following is just an overview. Use Tip Sheets for more clarification.

1. When an employee requests FMLA, click Forms > Employee Leave Request. Print the form for the employee to fill out.

2. When the form is returned, select the name and click Leave Request Details > New. After making entries, click Next.

3. On the Eligibility Check screen, use a Smart Tip to check what applies. Click Eligibility. If he/she is eligible, click Next.

4. Use a Smart Tip to fill out the Company Response (Eligibility) screen. Click Preview and print the form as a PDF.

--NOTE-- You must provide the employee a Company Response (Eligibility) within 5 days of your becoming aware of the need for FMLA leave, which may not necessarily be 5 days after receiving a Leave Request Form. If you request certification, you must allow the employee up to 15 days to produce it.

5. Use a Smart Tip to fill out the Company Response (Designation) screen.  Click Preview and print the form as a PDF.

--NOTE-- You have up to 5 days after receiving proper certification to provide the employee a Company Response (Designation). If a certification or additional information is not required, you must provide the Company Response (Designation) together with the Company Response (Eligibility).

• If you want a record of pertinent dates, click Document Dates; make your entries and click Save.  

• To see any forms you already have printed, click Print History. You may print again, if you wish.

Entering Employee Leave Requests 

Purpose of the Form:
The Employee Leave Request form is used to provide a way of gathering information necessary to determine whether an employee’s requested leave is covered by the FMLA without violating the FMLA and other privacy laws.  It also provides a way to ensure that FMLA requests are always well-documented.

Minimum Requirements:

This form should be given to an employee as soon as he or she requests leave that may be FMLA-qualifying.  Though not required by law, it is a good idea to have your employees complete an Employee Leave Request form to make sure you are able to gather the information necessary to determine whether the leave is covered under FMLA, to give your employees required FMLA-related information as soon as the request is made, and to make sure a clear written record is created documenting the request.

--NOTE-- Please review Form Do’s and Don’ts and other important information below.

1. First be sure your basic FMLA defaults have been set up in Global Preferences. Click Settings > Global Preferences > FMLA and make all of the entries for your organization.

2. When finished, click Save > OK > Close, close out of the program altogether and reopen it for the changes to take effect.

Reminders: You may setup a One Time Reminder or a Recurring Reminder.

One Time Reminder:
1. Click Reminders and select the appropriate employee or employees.  In the popup window click New

2. Enter a reminder Title, and Date.  Check Assign to all selected (checked) employees.

3. Select the User (the one to be reminded), enter any details pertaining to the reminder under Description and click Save.

Recurring Reminder:

1. Click Reminders and select the appropriate employee or employees.  In the popup window click New

2. Check Recurring Reminder, In the Type field select the reason from the drop-down menu and enter the Through Date.

3. In the Remind field, use the up or down arrows to enter the number of days ahead of the event that you wish to be reminded.

4. Select the User (the one to be reminded), enter any details pertaining to the reminder under Description and click Save.

--NOTE-- Once you have created a reminder it will appear when you first open the program on the reminder date.  You may close a reminder without resolving it.  It will continue to appear until you click Resolve.

Attaching Files/Photos

Begin by right-clicking on a file and then, left-click under Notes and Comments. Next, right-click and chose Paste to place files such as a Word document, an Excel file, a PowerPoint file, a PDF, a j-peg or bit map into the field.

Reports - Saving 

Open a report, click on the red Adobe logo, click OK and Save.  You may also select from a variety of other file formats when saving reports.  (.rtf) will allow the person opening the report to alter the information and layout.

Backups – Back up your data manually 
You should regularly back up your data.  You may do this manually or automatically.
Manual Database Back Up: (Two Options)
• When closing the program elect to back up the database.
• From within the program click File > Maintenance > Backup Database.

Backups - Back up your data automatically  
1. Click Start > All Programs/All Apps > Gradience > Maintenance > Database Monitor

2. Login just as you login to the program. 

3. Click on Backup. And then click on New Backup and make appropriate selections in the Backup Schedule window.

Backups - Restore data that was previously backed up
1. Click Start > All Programs/All Apps > Gradience > Maintenance > Database Monitor

2. Enter your Gradience login and password.

3. Click on the Restore > Browse and then, click the down arrow in the Look in area.

4. Find the backup to be restored and double-click on it.  All backups have a date and time stamp.

5. The backup file will appear in the field.  Click Start Restore.

6. Click Yes to the message that appears.

7. To exit, click on File > Exit.

Database Maintenance This utility fixes most performance issues quickly and easily.

--NOTE-- This can only be run at the computer where the database resides.

How to run the DB Maintenance  

1. From the desktop, click your Windows Start button.
2. Click All Programs or All Apps > Gradience > Maintenance > Database Maintenance.
3. Click the Start button that appears on the DB maintenance popup. 
4. Close the Database Maintenance utility when it is finished and open gradience again.

--NOTE-- If you have run this utility to resolve a performance issue but the issue persists you May restore a recent backup that was made prior to the issue that is now occurring.  You will lose any data that had been entered since the time that the backup was made so you should back up your data prior to restoring the previous backup. That way, if the previous backup is worse, you can restore the backup made minutes earlier of your current data.

You can also visit our knowledge-base to view more FMLA related articles or other Gradience features.



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