FMLA Tracker - Quick Setup

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Set up your Global Settings

  1. Click Settings > Global Settings > FMLA.
  2. Enter your FMLA Contact name and FMLA Contact Information phone/e-mail.
  3. Enter the FMLA Poster Location(s) – up to 80 characters and enter your FMLA defaults.

Set up your Locations and Departments before entering any employee names.

  1. Click Settings > Locations/Departments > New, select New Location, enter the name of a location and click Save.
  2. Click New, select New Department and enter the name of a department and click Save
  3. Put checks in the boxes next to the departments belonging to each location.
  4. Go to the Employee Detail screen and, in the upper right, click the X just under the Gradience logo for these to be available.

Enter just a few Employees at first.  If you will be using this program along with Gradience Attendance, we recommend you only enter a few employees into the program at first.  This is because, to test your accruals in Gradience Attendance, each employee entered must have a Time-Off plan assigned to him/her for each Time-Off category, so testing with just a few names is best. The employees entered should represent a cross-section of the organization.

Click Employee Detail > New and enter data. The required fields are: First Name, Last Name, Hire Date, Work Status, Employment Status, Location, and Department

Using Gradience FMLA Tracker:  The following is just an overview. Visit our knowledge-base for more FMLA articles.

  1. When an employee requests FMLA, click Forms > Employee Leave Request. Print the form for the employee to fill out.
  2. When the form is returned, select his/her name and click Leave Request Details > New. Make your entries and click Next.
  3. On the Eligibility Check screen, use the Smart Tip to check what applies. Click Eligibility. If he/she is eligible, click Next.
  4. Use appropriate Smart Tip to fill out the Company Response (Eligibility) screen. Click Preview and print the form as a PDF.

--NOTE-- You must provide the employee a Company Response (Eligibility) within 5 days of your becoming aware of the need for FMLA leave, which may not necessarily be 5 days after receiving a Leave Request Form.If you request certification, you must allow the employee up to 15 days to produce it.

  1. Use appropriate Smart Tip to fill out the Company Response (Designation) screen.  Click Preview and print the form as a PDF.

--NOTE-- You have up to 5 days after receiving proper certification to provide the employee a Company Response (Designation). If a certification or additional information is not required, you must provide the Company Response (Designation) together with the Company Response (Eligibility).

  1. If you wish to maintain a record of pertinent dates, click Document Dates; make your entries and click Save.  
  2. If you wish to view any forms you already have printed, click Print History. You may print again, if you wish.

FREE Software Instructions are available inside the software to help you learn how to use it more fully. Just click Help > About.

You can also visit our knowledge-base to view more FMLA related articles or other Gradience features.



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