Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: MSVCR100.dll is Missing


Cause: The missing dll file is a component used by Firebird. Firebird is the service that connects the software to the data. Without this file, Firebird can't function. Without Firebird, the software cannot access the data, which then prevents the software from opening.


1. Go to C:\Program Files (x86)and delete the firebird folder. 

2. Reinstall the software. If when reinstalling you get a popup where Uninstall is an option, please select that. Doing this will [not] remove your data because the software does not [contain] the data. If it did, you wouldn't need Firebird to connect the software to the data. After the uninstall is complete, run the installation again. This [should] cause the now missing dll file to be installed.

If you are running on a lower version of Gradience, we suggest you visit this ARTICLE.



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