Attendance - Solution To: Time-Off: Plan Not Assigned




One employee is or several employees are missing one or more Time-Off plans.


1. Read/print-out the Accrual Pre-Run Warning report to see the banks and employees to which plans are not assigned.

2. Close the Accrual Pre-Run Warning, click on Time-Off Assignments and select the first employee listed in the report.

3. Note the Time-Off Bank that has an empty field to its right in the Assigned Time-Off Plan column.

4. Click on the empty field.

5. Click the down arrow at the right end and a menu will appear.

6. Click on the appropriate plan that you wish to associate with that Time-Off Bank for that employee.


(None) Plan:

The software comes pre-loaded with a Time-Off plan that accrues no Time-Off at all. This plan called (None). If you do not have such a plan, it is because someone in your organization converted it into some other kind of Time-Off plan. In this case, you will have to create a new (None) plan.

Follow this ARTICLE for a guide on how to create a None Plan. 



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