Attendance - Time-Off: Accrue No Time-Off

Accrue No Time-Off


The software comes pre-loaded with a Time-Off plan that accrues no Time-Off called None. If you do not have a Time-Off plan called None, you will have to create a new None plan.

Follow these steps to create a "None" plan:

1.  Click on Settings > Time-Off Plans.

2.  When the screen opens, click New.

3.  Click No to the Wizard popup.

4.  Enter the name None into the plan name field in the upper left.

5.  Under Time-Off Based On, select Length of Employment.

6.  Under Each new year starts on, select January 1st.

7.  Under Select how Often to Accrue, select Yearly, Once per year.

8.  Under Select what to do with the prior year balance, select Carryover the balance from prior year.

9.  Over on the right select No for Prorating.

10.Set it to accrue by Hours or Days as desired and proceed directly to Level 1 under Earning Levels. 

11.From Month should be set to zero.

12.Up To but not including month should be set to 9999.

13.All of the remaining fields on level one should be set to zero.

14.Click Save > Plan Description to read how it will function.  Assign this plan to anyone who should [not] get a particular type of Time-Off.

Assign a "None" plan to an employee for a particular Absence Category / Time-Off Bank:

1. Click Time-Off Assignments on the left side of the screen.

2. Click the X directly under the Gradience logo in the upper right corner of the screen.

3. Click Time-Off Assignments on the left side of the screen once more.

4. Select the affected employee.

5. Find the particular Time-Off Bank for which the employee should not earn Time-Off.

6. Double-click the field to the right.  A drop-down menu will open.  Scroll to the None plan, click on it and then click Save.




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