Records - User's Guide

Gradience Records Pro / Enterprise - User's Guide

This guide will show you how to perform a variety of common tasks within the Records portion of Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping

Table of Contents - Alphabetized by Topic

Accidents - Document accidents that occur.

Attaching Files/Photos - Attach MS Word files, Excel files, PDFs, Photos, PowerPoint files.

Backups - Back up your data manually - You may manually back up your data any time.

Backups - Back up your data automatically - Take the worry out of backing up your data by scheduling automatic backups.

Backups - Restore data that was previously backed up - Recover previously backed up data.

Benefits - Record health plans, pensions, etc.

Database Maintenance - This resolves most error messages and performance issues quickly and easily.

Education - Document the educational background of your employees.

EEO / Other -Document and track and report on EEO matters.

Emailing Reports - How to e-mail reports.

Employees - Display Deleted Employees - Allow previously deleted employees to be seen in the software.

Employees - Entering Names - Enter all of the names of your employees and establish their particulars such as Date of Hire, Location, Dept., etc.

Employees - Hide or Display - Display only those employees you wish to be visible such as Full-Time, Part-Time, Active, Inactive, Terminated, etc.

Export Data - You can export only non-relational data to a Tab Delimited file.

Frequently Asked Questions - Get fast answers to common questions.

General Codes - Modify items that populate the various drop-down menus and create new items to add to what is on these menus.

Global Preferences / Settings - Establish your global preferences.

Import Data - You can import only non-relational data from a Tab Delimited file.

Introduction - Get the low-down on the purpose and functions of this software.

Locations and Departments - Establish all of your locations and the departments within each location.

Logo - Put your organization's logo at the top of all of your Gradience reports.

Reminders - You can set up one-time reminders or recurring reminders for one or multiple employees.

Reports - Saving - You can save reports in a variety of formats including Word, Excel, Rich Text and PDF.

Security - Set Permissions for Users - Each user may be given unique access rights within the software. 

ID Badge Setup - Create your own custom ID Badges.

Performance - Produce Performance Evaluations.

Personal Contacts - Establish Personal Contacts and Emergency Contacts.

Separations - Document conditions under which employees leave your organization.

Taxes - Document employee payroll taxes.

Training - Document various training in which employees have participated.

Wages - Document Employees Wages.

Warnings - Document warnings given to employees.



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