Handbook Manager - Getting Started

Getting Started in Gradience Employee Handbook Manager:


  • Follow the steps outlined below or...
  • Click the PDF at the bottom. It is a PowerPoint presentation that has been converted to a PDF. You can open it and simply click-through the process by pressing your Enter key or by slowly rotating your mouse wheel downward.  


Open Handbook Manager and select Create New Policy Manual


 STEP 1: Type the policy manual name, company name, how many full-time employees, state, whether your company has manual laborers, if your company is Government and what type of business.

 Note: To add your company logo, click Preferences > Set Default Title Page Logo



STEP 2: This is where you select/de-select all the policies you want to publish in your Handbook. If you need to edit a policy press Edit Policy.



When you press Edit Policy the below screen will be displayed. After making changes press File > Save to return to step 2.


 Note: To add your own policy: Highlight the category you wish to add a new policy to and click Policy > Create New Policy

STEP 3: Here is where you can insert data for all of your policy sections. Using the example below the data we entered was for designated individual’s name.


 Second example: we filled in the beginning and ending work times of 9 to 5



STEP FOUR: On this step you can publish the manual, and save it as a PDF or Word (RTF) Document. Clicking Policy Manual > Save As will allow you to save the Handbook to a different location (network drive, flash drive, etc.)



Click View / Publish > Print to PDF or Print to RTF to save the Handbook in PDF or Word (RTF) formats.



When you select Print to PDF or Print to RTF you will need to name the file and select the location of the file to be saved. Once the file is saved you can open the policy handbook in Adobe Reader or Microsoft Word.








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