Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Delete Employees/Display Deleted Employees

--NOTE-- We suggest for you to not delete employees when they are no longer employed by your organization. Instead, set the Employment Status to Inactive or Terminated. If you don’t want Inactive or Terminated employees to be displayed, uncheck them on the Employee Display Filter popup shown below rather than deleting them. 

Making Employees Visible or Invisible

Deleting Employees

If you have entered an employee incorrectly and wish to start over, follow the steps below. 

--IMPORTANT!-- Before deleting an employee name, you must first delete the SSN and the ID from the Employee Detail screen. If you don't do this you will get a Duplicate SSN error or Duplicate ID error when you try to re-enter the employee later. 

You may move the SSN and the ID into the Comments field at the bottom of the screen. 

Select the employee and Click File > Delete Employee as shown.

If you need to completely remove deleted employees, refer to this ARTICLE.

Finding Missing Employees 

Select the formerly missing employee and change his/her employment status if necessary.

If you still cannot see the missing employee(s):

1. Click Settings > User Rights. A screen will open.

2. On the left, click the name of the user who is unable to see the missing employee(s)..

3. Click Location/Department in the upper-right.

4. Uncheck the first checkbox labeled Locations/Departments.

5. Re-check the first checkbox labeled Locations/Departments.

6. Click Save > Close.

Hide Deleted Employees 

Display Deleted Employees 



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