Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Completely Remove Selected Employees

Completely Remove Selected Employees

It is possible to completely remove selected employees from your Gradience database.

If you wish to remove an employee from your Gradience database the employee must first be deleted. To do this, you select the employee and then click File > Delete Employee.

Sadly, many users of this software believe that this is all that is required to completely remove someone from the database. This is NOT the case.  Deleted employees actually remain in the database but are typically not visible. To completely remove them, they must be purged.

--CAUTION!-- Purging employees removes them completely and permanently. The only way to recover them is to restore a backup you made prior to purging them. This is why we recommend you first back up your database before purging employees.

1.From within the software, click File > Maintenance > Back up Database. When finished, close-out of Gradience.

2. From the desktop of the computer where the database resides, do the following...

  • In Vista or Windows 7, or Server 2003: Click Start > All Programs > Gradience > MaintenanceDatabase MaintenancePlease be patient. There will be a slight delay before it opens.
  • In Windows 8, or Windows 10, or Server 2008, or Server 2012: Click Start > All Apps > Gradience > Database MaintenancePlease be patient. There will be a slight delay before it opens.

3.When the popup window opens, check Purge Deleted Employees at the bottom left corner and then click Start.


4.Close the Database Maintenance utility when done.



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