OSHA Manager - Solution to: Unhandled Exception error caused by saved reports

ISSUE: Unhandled exception error occurs when attempting to run OSHA Manager due to saved reports.


CAUSE: This error occurs when users saves the reports they generated into the software. Saved reports exceed the file size limits thus corrupting xml data files. It is fine for reports to be saved for a few times but if numerous reports are being saved every year, the files adds up - increasing data corruption, resulting in the error above.

SOLUTION: You will need to restore to a version prior to the error, or prior to the last report generated and saved. Make sure to Back up your data. And visit this page to learn how to restore it.

Once you have restored to a previous version you will need to log in and remove/delete the old reports.

Depending on the amount of reports saved a year, this will determine how far back you will need to delete the old reports.

Once those old reports are deleted you will need to reinstall the current version you were using and OSHA Manager should start up with out errors.

If you need to save reports it is recommended that you save PDF copies outside the software and/or print out copies.



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