Timeclock - Solution To: TimeClock Remote suddenly could not connect to Remote Swipe Card Reader


You suddenly find your Timeclock Remote and Remote Swipe Card Reader disconnected, swipe cards not working and unable to reconnect TimeClock Remote and the Remote Swipe Card Reader.


Verify if:

  • Your TimeClock Remote says: “Terminal Not Connected”.
  • Your Remote Swipe Card Reader displays the Date and Time, but the date and time are NOT up-to-date.
  • Your TimeClock Remote says: "Attempting Terminal Reconnect"

--NOTE-- Make sure that TimeClock Remote is CLOSED while following the steps below.

If both of are true, all you need to do is to go through the set up process on your Remote Swipe Card Reader:

  1. Visit this ARTICLE and open the “Simple Instructions for Remote Swipe Card Reader Setup.pdf” found at the bottom of the article.
  2. Follow the process of Part One: Network Configuration and Part Two: Console Configuration with some caveats.

--CAUTION!-- IGNORE the steps to RESET during the configuration process. All of the settings should be the exact same settings that worked previously (unless there is a change to the IP address). So, there should be no need to reset, we are just cycling through.

  1. Once Part Two is done, the Remote Swipe Card Reader display should now display OFFLINE.
  2. Startup TimeClock Remote again and click Connect.
  3. Once the status on the TimeClock Remote changes “Terminal Connected”, the Remote Swipe Card Reader display should also display the current Date and Time. The Remote Swipe Card Reader can now once again be used.

--NOTE-- If the Swipe Card Reader Display is OFFLINE and you are still unable to connect. Disconnect the Ethernet cable connected to the Swipe Card Reader. After 30 - 60 seconds reconnect the cable and try again.

"Attempting Terminal Reconnect"

If the TimeClock Remote status still says: "Attempting Terminal Reconnect" follow these steps:

1. On the TimeClcok Remote, tick on the box beside: Connect on Startup

2. Click Save

3. Click Connect

4. The status should now change to: "Terminal Connected"



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