Connectivity Issue - Solution To: Failed to Validate User Server or database not able to be restored after update

If you are encountering connectivity issues after updating or installing Gradience; or errors relating to HRWare.gdb. following the steps below may help solve the issue.

-- IMPORTANT -- Make sure you have done a backup of your current database and have a copy saved to your desktop before you proceed.

1. Go to the install directory of Gradience. By default it should install it self on C:\Program Files (x86)

2. Locate the Gradience folder.  If you have multiple Gradience products installed on your computer, rename the folder of the product you are updating or having issues with. If you only have Gradience Attendance installed on your computer, then rename this folder (to something like oldGradience)

3. Return to the main directory of Gradience (C:\ProgramData\Gradience)

4. Rename the file "hrware.gdb" (to something like old database).

5. Update or Re-install Gradience.

6. Once the update or installation is complete open Database Monitor by going to: Start > Gradience > Maintenance > Database monitor

7. Once in Database Monitor, perform a Restore of your database from the Restore tab. 



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