All Gradience Software - Can't Enter Product Key, Enter Product Key Selection Greyed Out

Issue: I can’t enter the product key because Enter Product Key from the menu bar is grayed out.


Solution: If the “Enter Product Key” button is greyed out, this means that the account you are using lacks the necessary permissions or access rights to do so.

You can:

  1. Log-in using an ADMIN account and make the change from there.
  2. Reach out to someone with an ADMIN account to have them enter the product key for you.
  3. Reach out to someone with an ADMIN account to give you permission/rights to enter product keys.

How to add user permissions/access rights to Enter Product Keys:

  1. Start Gradience Pro/Enterprise.
  2. Log-in as the ADMIN.
  3. Go to Settings > User Rights
  4. A new window will open. Select the user you want to add access rights to.
  5. On the lower right area of the window – you can see the different features and access status.
  6. Scroll down until you find “Alter Product License”.
  7. Under Access Rights > Click on the dropdown arrow and change it to “Yes”Alter_Product_License_RIghts.PNG
  8. Click Save.
  9. The selected user should now have permission/access to enter new product keys.



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