HRcalendar - Will Not Install on Windows 10

HRcalendar and Windows 10

Regrettably, HRcalendar is not compatible with any operating system newer than 64bit Windows 7. The last time it was updated was on May 21, 2012. There are no plans to update HRcalendar any further.

You may install the software on a virtual machine that runs Windows 7. It will run but we do not support the software in a virtual environment.

If you decide to install HRcalendar on another Windows 7 computer or on a Windows 7 virtual machine, you may use the first link below.

An alternative would be to switch over to Gradience Attendance with Employee Recordkeeping. The second link below will take you to a web article that will give more details on this option. You cannot move the data however, from HRcalendar to Gradience. You would have to start over from where you are in Gradience.

If you decide to pursue switching over to Gradience, please be advised that HRcalendar has no data export feature so you will not be able to export data from HRcalendar to then import it into Gradience Attendance. You will have to start over in Gradience.

The cost of the switch is [likely] to be the difference between what you just paid for your 2018 license for HRcalendar and the cost of the 2018 license for Gradience Attendance. For details on this, you may email or call 800-999-9111.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

To Move Your HRcalendar Program and Data to a VM or a Windows 7 computer please click here.

To see what Gradience has to offer, please click here.



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