Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Product Key Needed after Moving Software

When you [move] the software [and] the data from one standalone to another, the process involves installing the software [fresh] on the new machine, which creates a new, blank database file on the new machine.

After installation, if you try to open the software on the new machine, you will be prompted to enter a product key. Although there is no harm in doing so, you [do not] need to enter the key. This is because you would be entering a key into the new, blank database file, which is about to be replaced by a [copy] of the original database file. 

You see, entering the key is just like entering [any] data. It resides in the database file [not] the software. Since you are going to:

A. Replace the new, blank database file (Hrware.gdb) with a copy of the original from the old machine, or…

B. Restore a recent backup [into] the new, blank database, you therefore…

…do not need to enter the key because it already resides inside the original database and will come over along with all of the rest of the data that are in that file.



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