Handbook Manager - Unhandled Exception Error

An Unhandled Exception error is extremely rare. It means that the data use by the software are corrupt. Corruption can occur when there is some sort of electrical interruption on the computer while using the software

Possible Secondary Error:

The feature you are trying to use is on a network resource that is unavailable.
This secondary error is evidence of an increased likelihood that the file is corrupted. 

Please do the following...

1. Go to where the actual file [Policy Manual] is and copy it and then paste it onto an external USB drive. You should find it at...
C:\Users\your name or the name of your computer\Documents\Gradience\Handbooks
The Policy Manual you have previously saved will have a file extension of .HBK unless your computer is set to not display file extensions.

2. Copy the file to an external USB drive.

3. Please click here to install the software [fresh] on another computer [just temporarily].

3. Open the software on the new computer and enter the product key that you received in your order confirmation email. If you cannot find that, call 800-999-9111. Give your account number and organization name and ask that your order confirmation email be resent.

4. Plug-in the external drive that has the copy of your Policy Manual and then navigate to it and copy the file again.

5. Go to...

C:\Users\the name of this computer\Documents\Gradience\Handbooks 

6. Paste-in the Policy Manual.

7. Open Handbook Manager on the new computer and select Create From Existing Policy Manual.

8. Select your previously pasted Policy Manual.






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