Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Mapped Drive/UNC is not being accepted

Our software uses TCP/IP to connect to the data. A client will not find the data if the ini file has UNC or a mapped drive. The ini file needs to be pointed to the name of the machine that is hosting the data [and] to the literal drive and path to the data on the host machine - as seen from the host machine


Click here to restore lost connectivity between the software and the data.

--IMPORTANT-- Given that you have installed on a client, it is [possible] that the fullmulti-digit version number of what you have installed on that client does not match the fullmulti-digit version number of what is already installed on the server or on other clients. 

When you allow different releases of [any] version on various machines to touch the same database, you will get strange errors with high chances of encountering unsolvable data corruptions.

It is recommended that you verify that you are running the [same] fullmulti-digit version number on every computer where Gradience is installed including the server. The preferred way to find this number is to go into Programs and Features and see your Gradience version number there. You can also find this number by opening the software and clicking Help > About

--NOTE-- If you haven’t done so already, we recommend that you automate Gradience backups and ensure that they are sent to a network folder or a folder on an external drive. Even if the server does nightly backups, it's just way faster and simpler to restore a Gradience backup than to recover a copy of the database captured by your nightly server backups.

Visit this ARTICLE to know more about how to backup your database automatically.



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