Gradience Pro / Enterprise - How To go from a Standalone to a Server- Client Installation

--IMPORTANT-- The server must be the first thing to be updated. Once the server is updated, the clients can follow.

--STOP!-- Print these instructions first!

When you click to download the installation file, you will be taken away from these instructions. By printing out these instructions, you can follow the steps below once you are on the web page where you will be downloading the installation tile.

You should be installing the latest version of the software. To get the latest version - click here

Find your Database File and Copy it:

1. At the computer where you have been running Gradience already, go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience and open the Hrware.ini file. This file will tell you where your database file is located.

--NOTE-- The Programdata folder may be hidden. You may go online to see how to unhide this folder on your operating system.

Near the top of the Hrware.ini file, you will see three lines as shown here…




2. The last item in the PATH line; (hrware.gdb) refers to the database.

3. Go to where it resides and copy it.

4. Paste a copy of this folder into a neutral place where it can be retrieved later. 

Install on the Server:

1. Download the latest version of our software HERE and [during installation] be sure to specifically select [only] the software title(s) you need and be sure to select Server when given the option.

2. About midway through the installation, you will see a button for Test Connection. Please do not click it because on a fresh install, it will fail. Just click Next.

3. At the end of the installation, you will see a message about restarting now or later. You can ignore this as it is [NOT] necessary to restart the machine.

4. Go to that neutral location where you pasted a copy of the original database file and copy it again.

5. At the new server and use the copy of the original database (Hrware.gdb) to replace the new, blank one that was created by the installation process.

6. Open Gradience on the NEW Server to verify that you see all of your original data and then click Help About to verify the software version number and then close-out.

7. At the server, go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience and copy the Hrware.ini file and save it to a neutral location.  

8. Open the Hrware.ini file at the neutral location and go to the line very near the top that starts with


9. Change the word Localhost to the name of the server. Do not change the PATH line and do not change any other lines. Then click Save.

--IMPORANT-- It is advised to update to the latest version [before] pointing to the new database location just in case you get called away and someone launches the old version while pointed to the new data location before you can return. This is to avoid a situation where someone touches the updated database with an older version.

10. Copy the now altered Hrware.ini file from the neutral location and go to what up until now had been the Standalone computer and paste it into C:\ProgramData\Gradience.

New, Additional Clients.

If you are going to add the software to NEW clients, please copy the Hrware.ini file from the one existing client that used to be a Standalone and then go to the new client workstation and go to C:\ProgramData and create a new folder there named Gradience. Then drop into that folder the copied Hrware.ini file from the existing client. THEN install the software there.



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