Attendance - Solution To: Calendar Report Missing Absence Codes

Issue: You may have noticed that your Calendar Report has an insufficient number of Absence Codes. 

Yet, as you can see by the image below, the default report offers All available Absence Reason Codes.

If your Calendar Report lacks some of the codes visible in the image above, it is because the missing letters are absence codes for which no description has been assigned and you have set the software to not display such absence codes.

The image above is from my software when all absence codes are permitted to be visible. Notice that letters A, G, & Q on the image above do not have descriptions but they are still visible.

The image below is from my end after having set the app to not display absence codes without descriptions. You will notice that the letters A, G, & Q are no longer visible because prior to running the second report, I set the software to not display absence codes without descriptions.


To allow all of your available codes to display:

1. Click Settings Global Settings > Attendance.

2. Uncheck the box where it says Display Only Absence Codes with descriptions. See the image below.

3. Click Save OK Close.

4. Close out of the software altogether and reopen it.



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