Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Entering Supervisor Names

The list of supervisors is created [automatically] by the software as you add names. When you enter your first name, there will be no names in the list. After you [save] the first name and then enter the second employee, you will see the first name you created moments earlier in the drop-down list for [potential] supervisors. Eventually, all of the employee names you will have entered will be in that list as [potential] supervisors.

We suggest that you enter all of the supervisors first so that later, when you enter the rest of the employee names, you can select the appropriate supervisor for each.

Below are several training videos. We encourage you to check them out. If you are new to Gradience Attendance specifically, watch the last one listed. Most of the videos are under 10 minutes but the last one is about 25 minutes long but it is RICH with valuable information!

For the best possible outcome, please watch these videos in the order that they are presented below:

Locations and Departments

Begin Date

Employee Names

Time-Off Banks

Absence Reason Codes

Initial Deposits of Time-Off

Time-Off Accrual Plans



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