TimeClock - Solution To: Database is Not Available

Issue: Error when Attempting to use the My Time Clock Feature.


Solution: My TimeClock Workaround.

If you encounter this error when employees attempt to access Time Clock Entries through the My Time Clock feature within Gradience TimeStation, use the steps below to provide alternate access through Gradience TimeClock.

--NOTE-- If you have yet to update Gradience on all client workstations so that they match the version running on the server, please rename the database first. This will sever connectivity between Gradience on the clients and the database residing on the server. You must ensure that no one will be able to open TimeStation or any other Gradience Pro/Enterprise title until all machines running Gradience are all running the same version.

If the full, multi-digit version number of Gradience running on all of your client workstations matches what is running on your server, you will not have to rename the database.

To rename the database follow these steps:

1. At the server, go to Services and stop Firebird.

2. While still on the server, go to C:\Programdata\Gradience and open the ini file.

3. The name of the database is gdb. You’ll see it at the end of the PATH= line just under [HRWARE].

4. Change the designation of the database to whatever you prefer and save the change.

5. Take note of the location of the database and then close this file and go to that location.

6. When you find the database file, rename it to match your new designation in the Hrware.ini file.

7. Return to Services and restart Firebird. The clients are now pointed incorrectly, making it impossible to connect to the database.

Grant alternate access to TimeClock Entries:

Follow steps 1 through 7 below for each hourly employee.

1. Assemble a list of logins and passwords that your hourly employees use to clock in and out.

2. Open the software and click SettingsUser Rights.

3. Enter the employee's login. Enter the employee's name and password. Verify it and click Save.

4. Click theCommon Features tab and assign Read Only rights to Employee Record Access.

5. Click theTimeClock tab and assign Read Only rights to Time Clock Entries.

6. Click the Location/Department tab and expand the tree and check the box for the employee.

7. Verify that no other employee name is checked and click Save

Put Gradience TimeClock on Client Workstation:

1. Reinstall Gradience on the client. If installing the same version already running, uninstall the existing version first and then reinstall.

2. During installation be sure to select TimeClock as well as TimeStation.

Restore Connectivity Between the Client(s) and the Server:

1. After installation on the client workstation, go to C:\Programdata\Gradience and open the ini file.

2. Re-designate the database on the PATH= line file to match the change you made in the Hrware.ini file on the server.

3. To access TimeClock Entries the employee will open Gradience TimeClock rather than Gradience TimeStation by using the same login & password used to clock in and out. When the program opens, the employee will only have access to his/her own name and will have Read Only access to TimeClock Entries and may Preview and Print a Time Card but nothing further. 



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