Attendance - Solution To: Absence Code F is Not Available

ISSUE: Using Absence Code "F" in Attendance sends me to FMLA Tracker when I select F on the Calendar.

This is due to FMLA Tracker being included during the installation of Gradience Pro/Enterprise.

Solution: If you need to use "F" for absence code use, you have two options:

OPTION ONE: Remove FMLA Tracker altogether.
Although you cannot uninstall FMLA Tracker, you may uninstall Gradience Professional (current version number), which uninstalls every title within the suite that you installed in the first place. When you reinstall, just be sure that FMLA Tracker is not checked.

When you uninstall, you are not deleting the data as all of your data reside in a database file that is outside the software. The name of this file is Hrware.gdb and regardless of whether your database is on your local computer or on another computer/server, the location is typically at C:\Programdata\Gradience. Of course, yours may be located elsewhere.

The main thing to understand is that the data reside outside the software so when you uninstall the software, you are not removing the data.

OPTION TWO: Use a different letter for FMLA Tracker.

1. Click Settings > Absence Reason Codes. This will open the following window. 

2. Find a lettered code that you do not need to use for Gradience Attendance. Make sure that whatever code you select is set to (Don't debit any bank). If it is not set to this, you must change it so that it is. To do this click on whatever is in the 3rd column and you will get a down arrow for a drop-down menu. Select (Don't debit any bank) from the menu and then click Save and Close.

3. Click Settings > Global Settings > FMLA and enter a letter into the filed other than F.

In my example above, I selected A rather than F but you may do the same with any letter you don't need to use in Attendance. Then click Save > OK > Close. Going forward, you can use the letter F in Attendance.

--CAUTION!-- If you choose this second method, doing so will not change the fact that previous entries of the letter F counted towards FMLA Tracker. You would now have to delete those earlier Fs, save the edit and then replace them with new entries of the same letter.

If you wish to hide FMLA Tracker, please follow the steps below:

1. Click Settings > User Rights.

2. When the screen opens, go to the upper-right and click on the FMLA Features tab.

3. Set the rights for Show FMLA Tab to No and then click Save and Close.
Note: You may see this feature listed twice in a row. If so, please set them both to No and then click Save > Close. Then close out of the software altogether and then reopen the software and you will no longer see the FMLA Tracker tab



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