FMLA Tracker - How FMLA Leave is Calculated

How Gradience FMLA Tracker Calculates FMLA Leave

--NOTE-- During the 30-Day FREE Trial (demo) you will enjoy 100% functionality for FREE for 30 days after you first began using the software. Because of this, the calendar will only go out as far as 30 days from the date you begin using the FREE Trial.

This can make it difficult to test the 12-week FMLA allowance. To get around this while evaluating the software for FREE, we suggest that you begin your FMLA date range early enough [prior] to the date you began using the software to get the entire 12 weeks.


Requirements for FMLA Leave:

With few exceptions, employees who meet the following minimum requirements are eligible for 12 weeks of FMLA leave. The requirements are:

1. The employee has been on the payroll for at least 12 months,

2. The employee has worked for your organization at least 1,250 hours in 12 months [prior to leave],

3. The employee works at a location where at least 50 employees are employed by the business within 75 miles…

The software does not award FMLA based on a computation of 12 weeks. Rather, it calculates FMLA leave by 60 days. The number of hours of FMLA leave is based on the assumption that the employee taking FMLA leave works an 8 hour day.

Not all employees work an 8 hour day. The software will recognize each letter F when it is applied to a particular date on the calendar to be [worth] the number of hours that this particular employee works in a day based on what you entered for this employee in the Day Hours field on the Employee Detail screen. Additionally, after applying the letter F to a date, you may right-click that date and select Absence Detail and adjust the [hour value] of the code up or down as you see fit.

Although not always the case, typically when you grant an employee FMLA Leave, you enter a date range. If you were to enter a date range that gives the employee 40 days [ clearly not the entire 60 days permitted ] the software will apply the letter F on 40 dates. Each letter F will be [ worth ] the number of hours that this particular employee works in a day. So, if you had entered 7 in Day Hours field on the Employee Detail screen for this employee, the total number of hours of FMLA granted ( used ) will be 40 X 7 = 280.

Designed for 8 hour work days:

Although each day of FMLA Leave is worth the number of hours a day this particular employee works in a day, the software was written for the majority of organizations whose employees work a standard 8 hour day. Therefore, in our example above, even though [ each ] day of FMLA Leave is worth 7 hours, the software will allow the employee to amass a total of 480 hours of FMLA leave because when you multiply the standard 8 hour day times 60, the total is 480.

As the administrator, you therefore must take responsibility for ensuring that the employee does not take more FMLA than what is truly authorized based on the number of hours a day that the employee actually works.

This is not a bug. The software was intentionally written to function this way because most employees work an 8 hour day. We may update the software in such a way as to ensure that the [ total number of hours permitted ] will be limited to 60 X (whatever the Day Hours are) but I cannot say when or whether this kind of an enhancement will be implemented. I apologize for the inconvenience.



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