TimeClock - Solution To: Invalid Login/Swipe on a Remote Swipe Card Reader

When swipe cards fail to be recognized by a Remote Swipe Card Reader, the reader will display the message INVALID LOGIN / SWIPE and in the TimeClock Remote program under Last Message Received the card number will not show up at all or the number that does show up will be missing the percentage sign at the beginning and the question mark at the end.


There are two known causes for this issue:

Cause 1: The swipe card has not been properly registered.

Solution: Register your Swipe Card

Visit this ARTICLE to learn how.

Cause 2: The Remote Swipe Card Reader has not been properly configured.

Solution: Reconfigure your Remote Swipe Card Reader 

1. At the Remote Swipe Card Reader, hold down S1 and S2 and simultaneously press OUT.

2. Press 1 for Defaults. The device will beep. Press 2 to Modify.

3. Press Enter. MAGSTRIPE will display on the first line. 

4. Use the BackSp key on the second line to delete the number 5 and type in 133.

5. Press Enter repeatedly until the screen displays CONSOLE CONFIGURATION.

6. Press Enter once more. The device will display RESET (7=YES). Press 7.

7. The device will display OFFLINE. Return to TimeClock Remote on the computer.

8. On TimeClock Remote, click Connect. The TimeClock Remote will indicate Terminal Connected.

9. On the Remote Reader (black box). The Date and Time will be displayed.

Your reader should now accept properly registered swipe cards.



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