Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Some Employee Names are not Visible to Some Users

CAUSE #1: The user rights for one user are not the same as those of another user.

1. Have the person who [can] see all of the employees log into the software.
2. Click Settings > User Rights
3. When the window opens, select the user name on the left for the user who [cannot see] the employee names.
4. Now go to the upper right and click on Location/Department.
5. Open it up as much as you can by clicking all of the plus signs you see.
6. When you have clicked them all you will see that some of the employee names will not be checked. Unchecked names are invisible to this user. Check the names that are currently unchecked.
7. Click Save and Close. You may have to exit the software and reopen it under the login and password of the user that previously could not see certain employees. This user will now be able to see the previously invisible employees.

CAUSE #2: The Employee Display Filter is set to hide certain types of employees when viewed from a particular workstation.

1. Click View > Employee Display Filter
2. When the window opens, ensure that all appropriate types of employees are checked. Whatever is not checked will not display.
--CAUTION!-- Do not check Hire Range unless you wish to limit the display to employees hired between the dates entered.
3. Click OK.
4. Now click Employee Detail to see the employees that were previously hidden.



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