Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: BPL Errors

--CAUTION!-- Be sure to read these [entire] instructions including the triple cautionary note below [before] actually performing the steps below.


The bpl error typically occurs when:

  • the software is [installed] by someone with administrator credentials but then [used] by someone who does [not] have local admin rights or…
  • the software was [installed] by someone who does [not] have local admin rights on that machine.

You will have to reinstall the software. Doing this will [not] harm or displace your existing data.

--CAUTION!-- The software merely [connects to] the data. The software does not [contain] the data.

This database file [may] reside on the same computer where you actually [use] the software or it [may] reside on another computer altogether such as another PC or on your server.

It is essential that you know exactly where the database file is located because knowing this will impact how you install the software. Failure to know this can result in improper re-installation. This in turn can cause the software to fail to connect to the data when you re-launch it.

The name of your database file is hrware.gdb.

When you reinstall, you will get this prompt offering you the following three choices…

Be sure to select the correct one for the machine on which you are installing the software. If you don't, the software will not open.

Visit this PAGE to download the latest version 12 update.

If the software fails to open, visit this Article. 



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