Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Installation of Gradience Versions Older than 12 on Windows 8, 10, and Servers 2008 & 2012

--IMPORTANT-- We highly suggest that you install the latest version of the software. To get the latest version - click here.

Installing Versions older than 12 on Windows 8, 10, & Servers 2008/2012

Versions older than 12 were never tested on Windows 8. Windows 8.1, Windows 10, or on Servers 2008 or 2012 but they have been found to work.

The problem people generally encounter is not software functionality but installation. It is common on the operating systems listed above to fail to create a Gradience folder at C:\ProgramData so there is no place for the hrware.ini file to reside.

This ini file points the software to the database. Without this file the program has no idea where the database is located so it cannot connect to the database when you try to open the program.

Once you create a Gradience folder at C:\ProgramData, and then install the program, this all-important hrware.ini file will be created. The program will then be able to connect to the database.

You do not have to uninstall anything. Simply create the Gradience folder at C:\Programdata and then reinstall. If you do not see a ProgramData folder at C:\ it is because it is being hidden. You may go online to see how to unhide hidden folders/items for your particular operating system.

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