HRcalendar - Solution To: Client Launch Error: Error 27502 – Cannot generate SSPI context.

HRcalendar Client Launch Error: Error 27502 – Cannot generate SSPI context.

1. Open your Control Panel and click one of the following:

Add/Remove Programs or Programs and Features

2. The following programs will need to be removed if present:

--CAUTION!--  Only remove the following items if you have permission from your IT professional. It it is extremely unlikely that a problem will result from removing any of the items listed below. Nevertheless, there is a remote possibility that doing so will negatively impact another software application that requires one or more of these items. These items will be reinstalled once the HRcalendar client is reinstalled.

• Microsoft SQL Server 2005

• Microsoft SQL Server Native Client

• Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files (English)

• Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer

• MSXML 6.0

3. Rename the Microsoft SQL Server folder. It will be located in one of the following locations:

C:\program files or C:\program files (x86)

4. After following the steps above you will need to download and install Microsoft SQL Server 2005 Express from: (the 55.4MB file)

5. After a successful installation of SQL 2005 Express you will need to reinstall the HRcalendar Client. The installation process is described below.

Client installation

1. Open the CD or download the client installation setup file from

2. On the database connection screen, browse to the database server.

3. The default windows authentication option is recommended.


4. Click Next to install and Finish when complete.

5. The application shortcut icon will now be placed on the desktop and the client will begin working.

Visit to troubleshoot client issues. 



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