OSHA Manager - Welcome Message Obscures the [Yes] & [No] Answers to New Event Questions

Gradience OSHA Manager Welcome Message Obscures the [Yes] & [No] Answers to the New Event Questions


When attempting to answer questions regarding a New Event in Gradience OSHA Manager the Welcome message on the right in the gray box covers the [Yes] & [No] answers to each of the qualifying questions making it impossible to proceed.


This is likely due to the fact that the Font Size for the computer has been set to something higher than (normal) 100%.


If your operating system is Windows XP do the following:XP_Font_Size.JPG

1.From the desktop open your Control Panel.

2.Click Display

3.When the Display Properties window opens, click the Settings tab at the top.

4.At the lower-right click Advanced.

5.When the next window opens, the DPI setting must indicate Normal size (96DPI).  If this option is not available, select Small Fonts.

6.Click OK.  If you cannot see the OK button, press the Enter key on your keyboard.


If your operating system is Windows 7 do the following:Win7_Font_Size.JPG

1.In a blank area of the desktop, do a right-click with the mouse.

2.Click on Screen Resolution.

3.Click on the sentence "Make text and other items larger or smaller".

4.Set font size to Smaller – 100% (default).





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