OSHA Manager - Fails to Open



Your OSHA Database is located at

C:\Users\All Users\OSHA\Data or 


Note: If you cannot see the above listed folder do the following...

1. Go to the top of the screen and click Organize > Folder and Search Options > View.

2. In the middle of the popup, under Advanced Settings, check Show Hidden Files and Folders.

3. Uncheck Hide protected operating system files and Click > OK.

4. Rename the OSHA_Data.OSHA file

5. Re-launch the program. This will create a new, blank database file but no data will be lost. Your original database file still exists but has been renamed. If the program opens while using the new, blank database file, it tells us that the cause of your issue is a corrupt database. If you're using the most current supported version you can e-mail us the file and although not 100% guaranteed we will attempt to repair the database file.








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