TimeClock - Solution To: TimeClock opens but not TimeStation

--CAUTION!-- Before proceeding make sure that you have the installation file for TimeClock, the latest .NET updates are installed and that you have an understanding of the Windows registry.

Issue: The following message comes up when trying to open the Time Station:

This program is unable to connect to your InterBase/Firebird Server. This is likely due to the fact that the default InterBase UserAccount has been changed.  Please provide a User Name and Password with Administrative Privileges to InterBase. 

--CAUTION!-- If you need to go with Option 2 below, please involve your IT person.



1. Right-click the TimeStation shortcut and Run as Administrator

2. Open Services and see whether you have Firebird 1.5 or Firebird 2.0.

If you have Firebird 1.5:

Close-out of Services, open your Control Panel and open the FireBird 1.5 Server Manager and select Run as an application.

If you have Firebird 2.0:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Firebird\Firebird 2.0\bin. Right-click on fb_inet_server.exe and select Properties and select Run as administrator.

 3. Check Compatibility Mode in the shortcut to TimeStation and make sure it is unchecked.

OPTION 2: If Option 1 failed to resolve the issue, please have your IT person take these steps:

1.  Uninstall Gradience

2.  Uninstall FireBird

3.  Go to C:\Programdata\Gradience and copy-off the Hrware.ini file to a neutral location and then delete the original.

4.  Open the Registry Editor.

5.  When the editor opens, click FileExport.

6.  Enter a file name at the bottom and click Save.


8.  Go to C:\Program Files (x86)and delete the Gradience folder.

9.  Go to C:\Programdata and delete the Gradience folder.


11.Go to C:\Programdata and create a new Gradience folder.

12.Reboot the computer.

13.Reinstall the software as a Standalone this time. This will create a new Hrware.ini file that will point it locally but this is just a temporary measure.

14.Open Gradience TimeClocknot TimeStation ). No product key is needed; we realize the software will open in demo mode. This is done only to verify connectivity to a new, blank, local database. You'll need to enter admin as your login and admin as your password. Continue in demo mode.

15.Once Gradience is open, click HelpAbut to verify the version number is 11.0.1606.29 and then exit Gradience.

16.Open Gradience TimeStation and after it opens, close it.

17.Go to the neutral location where you stored a copy of the Hrware.ini file and copy the file again.

18.Go to C:\Programdata\Gradience and paste the Hrware.ini file to replace the one created during the standalone installation. This will point the software back to your production database on the server.

19.Launch Gradience TimeClocknot TimeStation ). Enter whatever you have been using as login and password.

20.After the software opens, close-out and launch Gradience TimeStation.



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