Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Errors encountered during login attempt

Issue: Errors encountered during login attempt or Access Violation upon opening or exiting of the software.

Cause: The User lacks local administrative rights.


You have two options available to resolve this:

Option One:
1. Temporarily grant (local) administrator rights to the user in question. Uninstall the software and reinstall.

2. After installation of Gradience and after confirming that the user can open the program you can revoke (local) administrator rights to the user.

Option Two: If you cannot grant the user (local) administrator rights:

1. Go to c:\programdata\gradience  --NOTE-- the programdata folder may be hidden.

2. Locate a file named hrware.ini.

3. Right-click the file and select Properties.

4. Click Security, select the user name from the list and check Full Rights and click OK.

--NOTE--  If you still encounter issues after following steps 1-4. Grant the user full rights to the folder where hrware.ini resides as well as a file named Gds32.dll. You may not have this file but if you do, it would be located at c:\Windows\System32.



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