Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Variety of Errors

Resolving a Variety of Errors

Version 10 and below are no longer supported. If you encounter further issues and you're using a release of version 11 Visit our Knowledgebase for self help articles.

Option One: Run the Database Maintenance Tool.

Option Two: Update to the most current edition of your version.

Run the Database Maintenance Tool:

From the desktop of the computer where the database is being hosted, begin to type Database into the search field on your desktop. As you begin to type, you will see [Database Monitor] and [Database Maintenance] appear. Select Database Maintenance

When the popup shown below opens, please click Start in the lower-left corner.


When it is finished, close out.

Update to the most current edition of your version:

Visit to download the latest update for you software.



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