TimeClock - Solution To: Hours not Reported Correctly

Issue: Time is reported incorrectly in the Time Card Run with regard to Regular Hours, Overtime Hours and Paid Time-Off. 


This can happen when a Work Schedule assignment for affected employee(s) is/are not set correctly or multiple “instances” of this Work Schedule exist in the database.

Steps to Resolve:

1.  This step is essential. Do a backup.  Click File > Maintenance > Backup the Database. Note the location where the backup has been saved.

2.  Click TimeClock Access and select the affected employee.  At the lower-right, click on the History button and delete all the history. (You should be able to select the first schedule and press Delete, and all schedules will delete.) Any saved Time Card Runs from the past will not be affected by this action.

3.   Close the Work Schedule History screen and return to the TimeClock Access screen with the same employee selected, select a Work Schedule and click Save.  This will establish a "single instance" of the desired Work Schedule for this employee.

4.   Click the History button and you will see the new schedule that was just assigned. Click Edit and select a Start Date early enough to cover the employees entire work history. Do not select an end date, just leave it blank. And click Save.

Repeat these steps for each employee affected. Once the schedules are fixed, re-run the Time Card Run report and the employee(s) that were reporting the incorrect hours will now be correct.  Going forward you should not encounter this issue.

If you are not satisfied with the results, you may restore the backup that you just made.

Restoring a Backup:

   1. Open your DB Monitor by double clicking on the icon (wrench in a circle) located in your system tray at the bottom of your screen.

--NOTE-- You may not have the icon for your DB Monitor in your system tray.  In that case, click on your Windows Start button > Programs, (or All Programs) > Gradience > DB Monitor.  Enter the same login and password that you use for the program.

    2. Click on the Restore > Browse and then, click the down arrow in the Look in area.

    3. Navigate to the backup that you wish to restore and double-click on it.  All backups have a date and time stamp.

    4. The backup file will appear in the field.  Click Start Restore.

    5. Click Yes to the message that appears.

    6. To exit, click on File > Exit.



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