TimeClock - Solution To: Work Date and Punch Date Don't Match or Hours are Wrong

Issue: Work Date and Punch Date Don't Match or Hours are Wrong

--NOTE-- The attachment below contains further details about the issue. You may print this out for you use.


Your Work Date and Punch Date do not match because you have set your workweek to start at a time other than 12:00 AM.

  1. Click TimeClock Access; select an employee who has this issue, and notice the name of the work schedule assigned.

  2. Click Settings > Work Schedules. Select the work schedule that the employee has been assigned.

  3. Click the Overtime and Punch Schedule button. This setting establishes when the previous Payroll workweek ends and when the new Payroll workweek begins.

--IMPORTANT!-- Begin by setting the time that the workweek starts to 12:00 AM. By doing so, regardless of the day of the week; the Work Date and Punch Date will match on future punches.

--NOTE-- This is not a bug.  The program calculates according to the Punch Date not by Work Day but by following the steps above, you can avoid this situation.


Why the Issue May Not Happen Immediately:

If this issue did not begin as soon as you switched from an older version to the current version but actually began several days later, it is because the program needed to first cross into a new workweek before this issue would occur.


Fixing the Punches:

If you normally have 4 punches a day (in, out for lunch, back from lunch, out for the day), you may find that on the day when the problem began, that that “day” is not showing on the Time Card Entries screen. You may instead see more than 4 punches for the next day. First do a backup by clicking File > Maintenance > Backup database. Then edit the first punch to indicate the proper day. This should correct the rest of the punches. If it doesn’t, you will need to delete the bad punches and reenter them manually or leave the previous punches as they are and let the program calculate properly going forward.


Reset the Effective Date of the Work Schedule:

1. Click TimeClock Access and select an individual whose time was calculated incorrectly.

2. At the bottom right, click History. A popup will open. Double-click on the work schedule that has been changed and click Yes to the message.  A second popup will open.

3. Enter a Start Date that is at least two weeks before the date you want the new rules to take effect. This will not affect TimeCard Runs that have already been run.

4. Do not enter an End Date if the new rules are to remain in effect going forward. See illustration.

5. Click Save > Close and rerun your Time Card Run for the date range that previously reported Time incorrectly.



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