Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Database Maintenance takes a long time

This is likely due to the database size. The more data the database contains, the longer it will take for the Database Maintenance to run. If your database has photos of employees, it may be possible to reformat the photos as a way of reducing the amount of data.

Please click File > Maintenance > Back up Database. Then click the file below to shrink the photos contained within the Gradience database. If the process results in any issues, you may restore the backup.

Please save the attachment below named ResizePictures.exe to the folder that contains the database file (hrware.gdb).

Restoring the Previous Backup:

--WARNING-- This will overwrite your current data. Back up your current data as recommended above so you can restore the data later if necessary.

From the desktop, do the following:

1. When the Database Monitor opens, click on Restore > Browse.

2. When the Look in popup opens, select the backup from the list or click the down arrow to navigate to the folder where the backup resides. All backups have a date and time stamp.

3. Click on the backup to be restored and click Open.

4. The backup file will appear in the upper field in the Database Monitor.

5. Click Start Restore.

6. Click Yes to the message that appears.

7. To exit, click on File > Exit.



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