Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Errors opening Gradience after upgrading from Optima

Resolving errors encountered after upgrading to Gradience

When upgrading from Optima/MyBiz 7 or 8 to Gradience and then upon launching Gradience, the following may occur:

  •  The program hangs before being able to enter login and password. 
  •  After entering Login/Password the following error appears:  SQL error in table Checklist and P.Firstname

This is due to the program failing to go through the update process fully.         

Workaround: Run a database maintenance.

--NOTE--  The steps below can only be run while physically at the computer where the database resides. You may encounter difficulty trying to run this through a remote tool like RDP.

1. Your operating system determines where to go:

On Windows 7, on Server 2008 and 2008 R2 click...
Start > All Programs > Gradience > MaintenanceDatabase Maintenance.

On Windows 8, Windows 10, and Server 2012, click...
Start > All Apps > Gradience > Database Maintenance.

2. Click the Start button that appears at the lower left corner of the popup. This cannot be done remotely through RDP. You have to either be [physically] at the computer where the database resides or you need to remote into the console.

3. Close the maintenance utility when it is finished and try to open gradience again.

If the issue persists please go to and click on Submit a Request. This will open up a support ticket. Pleas provide your account number if you know it to help speed a response and please provide as much detail as possible about the issue. 



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