Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Employee names are missing


  • When a user logs into the software, he/she cannot see employee names.
  • After entering an employee name the name disappears from view.


1. Log in at [any] client workstation, using a login and password of someone [without] this issue.

2. Click Settings > User Rights.

3. On the User Rights screen, click the name of the user on the left who has the issue.

4. Click Location/Department in the upper-right. You will likely see that nothing is checked.

5. Check whatever you want the user to "see".

6. Click Save > Close.

7. Close out of the program and reopen it using the login and password belonging to the employee who had the issue to see whether the employees are now visible.

If the issue persists, do the following:

1. Click File > Employee Display Filter. A popup window will appear.

2. Check Active, Inactive, Terminated, Full Time, Part Time and Deleted and click OK.

3. Close out and reopen the software.

4. Locate the formerly missing employee and click Employee Detail.

5. Check to set the Employment Status to what it should be.



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