Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Feature Transfer Error


Feature Transfer Error

App Executable

Error Access Denied.

Feature not Supported 

This is an extremely rare launch error so the solution may seem counter intuitive. Below are Server instructions and Standalone instructions.

For a Server/Client:


1. First delete your hrware.ini file.

On a Windows XP computer, go to c:\Windows to find the hrware.ini file.

On a Windows 7 or on a Windows 8 or on a Windows 10 computer, go to c:\programdata\gradience to find the hrware.ini file and delete it.

Note: On Windows 7 by default the programdata folder is hidden. If you don’t see it in Windows Explorer, click Organize > Folder and Search Options > View. Click Show hidden files, folders and drives. Then uncheck Hide extensions for known file types.


1. Once you’ve deleted the hrware.ini file, reinstall Gradience but this time do Standalone and Express. This will create a new, blank database on your computer and it will create a new, hrware.ini file that will be pointed to that new, blank database on your computer rather than your actual database that is on your server.

2. Now go to c:\programdata\gradience or c:\Windows - open the hrware.ini file and change what is written on the PATH= line and the SERVER= line. We're only taking here about the lines very near [HRWARE] at the top.

At the top of the file, you’ll see:




Change the what is written after PATH= to indicate the actual drive letter on the server (not a mapped drive) where the database path is and the same folders and then change Localhost to either the name or IP address of the server. (machine where the database resides)

--IMPORTANT!-- Do not map a drive and do not use UNC (\\). If you do either of these things, the client will not find the data on the server.

For a Standalone:

Right-click on the Gradience installation icon, select Run as Administrator and then rerun the installation.



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