Attendance - Solution To: Time-Off: Custom Dates Exhausted

--IMPORTANT-- This article is only relevant if you are using Custom Dates to earn Time-Offs and encountered the issue listed below. If you are not using Custom Dates for accrual purposes, you may ignore this article.

ISSUE: If you are getting lines in your accrual report for an employee that says: Custom dates exhausted for plan [name of Time-Off Plan]. You have run out of Custom Dates on the which employees can earn time-off.

Solution: You will need to edit your Time-Off Plan and add new Custom Dates for that plan to accrue on. You an either do this via the Auto-fill or Manual method, click on the links below to visit the articles for these. After you have followed the instructions to add new Custom Dates, simply rerun the accrual.

Entering Custom Dates via Auto-Fill

Entering Custom Dates Manually



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