HRcalendar - Troubleshoot Client Installation

Difficulty connecting HRcalendar client to the database

Connect to a named instance of SQL Server 2005


 1. Go to SQL Server Configuration Manager and verify that the following are Running and the Startup Mode is set to Automatic.

SQL Server (SQLExpress)

SQL Server Browser


2. Select Protocols for SQLEXPRESS and verify that the following three items are Enabled:

Shared Memory

Named Pipes (To support WINS)



3. Go into each protocol and set each Enabled to Yes. In the TCP/IP, verify that Listen All is set to Yes.

4. In the TCP/IP Properties screen, select the IP Address tab.

Disregard IP3 and IP4. Only configure IPAll, making sure the TCP Dynamic Ports field is empty by removing the 0. Verify that the TCP Port is 1433.

Reference Documentation:

How to connect to a named instance of SQL Server 2005:

How to configure a Server to Listen on a specific TCP Port (SQL Server Configuration Manager):



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