HRcalendar - Solution To: Error 275XX on Installation or Launch

Issue: When installing or launching HRcalendar an SQL software application any number of errors starting with ‘27’ in the title can occur. The image below indicates GRADIENCEBASICS but it can happen in HRcalendar as well.



Try this first:

  1. Click Start > All Programs > Microsoft SQL Server 2005 > Configuration Tools > Server Configuration Manager.
  2. SQL 2005 Services. Right-click on SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) and choose Stop.
  3. Right-click on SQL Server (SQLEXPRESS) and choose Start.
  4. Make sure that the SQL Server Browser is in a Running State and Automatic in the Start Mode.


Retrieve the most recent backup first. Go to c:\Program Files\HRcalendar Software\Data Backup or c:\Program Files (x86)\HRcalendar Software\Data Backup in Windows 7

--NOTE-- If you cannot find a recent backup, copy the database, which is made up of two files:

HRcalendar.mdf and HRcalendar_log.ldf

They are located in C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL.1\MSSQL\Data.

When HRcalendar fails to open, it could be due to problems with the SQL components. This will require you to remove the HRcalendar program and SQL components. Only your IT professional can determine whether you may uninstall any of these components.

Open your control panel and (with the permission of your IT professional) remove the items listed below. These items are also shown in the screen image below:

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2005
  • Microsoft SQL Server Native Client
  • Microsoft SQL Server Setup Support Files (English) 
  • Microsoft SQL Server VSS Writer
  • MSXML 6.0


--NOTE-- When attempting to remove any of the items shown in the red box you may get the message shown below.


Click OK to the message and the item you are trying to remove will disappear from the list.

If MSXML 6.0 Parser remains, use the link below to download the Microsoft Fix-it installer cleanup utility and manually remove MSXML6. Use this link: 

Rename the Microsoft SQL Server folder located in C:\Program Files and reinstall SQL 2005 Express manually and then reinstall HRcalendar.

Visit this ARTICLE on how to manually install SQL 2005 Express.

Click the link below to download the most current edition of version 15.

Version 15 HRcalendar Standalone Download Link:

When the web page opens, look for the heading; Download Software and click on HRCalendar

--RECOMMENDATION-- You will get a popup that will give you the opportunity to Run, Save or Cancel. Do not click 'Run'. Click Save and save it to your desktopRun it from your desktop.



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