Attendance - Solution to: Closed Dataset Error

ISSUE: MemAtconTrans: Cannot perform this operation on a closed dataset.

If you encounter the error message above when trying to accrue. It is likely that someone deleted the Time-Off plan called None. The None plan is a plan that you assign to an employee on the Time-Off Assignments screen for a particular type of Time-Off that he/she does not earn.

Solution: You will need to recreate the None Time-Off Plan, follow the steps below on how:

1. Click Settings > Time-Off Plans > Plan Setup. If the error pops up again, click OK.          

2. In the Plan Name field, enter None and click Save and then click New at the top of the screen.

3. After clicking New, enter None into the field once more. Give it only one level and click Save.

4. Close the screen and close the program. You do not need to backup.

5. Reopen the program. You'll probably get an Accrual Pre-Run message. Click OK. A report will open listing all of the people who don’t have Time-Off plans assigned. Close the report.

Once the None Plan has been recreated, we may now:

  • Create Time-Off plans and assign them
  • Assign the None plan to everyone listed on the Accrual Pre-Run Report
  • Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance. On the right under Accrual Schedule, select Do not allow Time-Off to accrue. Then click Save > Close.



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