Attendance - Negative Balance is Wrong

Negative Balance Due to incorrect Debit when zeroing the balance from prior year

If your plan is set to zero the balance from prior year’ but it failed to zero-out the entire remaining balance you likely have database corruption. 

Running the Database Maintenance Utility

Do this from directly from the desktop of the computer/server where the database resides. Do not remotely access the computer/server to do this.

1. Have all users at client workstations, close Gradience (not minimize).

2. Click Start 

On Windows server 2003 or XP or Vista or Windows 7 and Server 2008

Click All Programs > Gradience > Maintenance > Database Maintenance.

On Windows 8 & 10 or Server 2012

Click All Apps > Gradience > Database Maintenance.

1. Click the Start button that appears on the Database Maintenance popup.

2. Click File > Exit when done. Ignore any Runtime error you may get.



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