TimeClock - Export Hours Worked to a Payroll Provider

Exporting to a Payroll Provider

1. You will first need to have recorded an accumulated number of hours worked for employee or several employees.

2. Within Gradience TimeClock select Time Card Runs. When the screen opens, click New Run.

3. When the screen changes again, enter a Run Date and a Run Name and then select an appropriate date range.

4. Select the employee or employees whose hours worked need to be exported and click Save.

5. Click OK to the popup that tells you that the run has been saved.

6. When the screen changes again, select the run you just created and click Print. Nothing will print.

7. When the screen changes again, click Preview.

8. When the Time Card Run opens, review it for accuracy and then close it.

9. Close the previous popup window that will remain and then click Export.

10. When the interface opens, select the payroll provider you use, enter what is required and then click Export.

After clicking Export, the data is placed into an intermediate .csv file that will be formatted in a manner required by your payroll system selected. That file would then, be sent to the payroll provider, who will then, import the data into their system in order to create paychecks.




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