Attendance - Track two (or more) Reasons for the Use of One Type of Time-Off

Some organizations allow employees to earn a certain amount of Sick Time but then allow only a limited portion of that Sick Time to be used for particular purposes. These organizations then wish to track the use of this time separately according to specifically approved purposes.

The steps below are geared toward this example of Sick Time but the logic can be applied to other types of Time-Off as well.

Run an Absence Detail Report and select only the absence codes that can be used for this particular type of Time-Off. The report will show you:

  • The number of times that each of these codes are used over the selected date range
  • The length of each absence
  • The date of each absence
  • The report will separate the data into distinct sections by each code for comparison.

This option will allow you to track the differences on the Calendar screen and on the Transactions screen in real time as well as in various reports such as:

  • The Employee Balance Report
  • Transaction Detail Report
  • Year in Review Report
  • The Absence Detail Report 

Additional steps to take if you select OPTION TWO:
• Use the first link below to rename your existing Sick absence category to one of the specific sub-sets of Sick Time and to create a NEW absence category for the other specific sub-set of Sick Time. This will give you two distinct absence categories (Time-Off Banks).

• Use the second link below to designate, the appropriate absence category (Time-Off Bank) from which one absence code will deduct time and from which the other Absence Code will deduct time. By doing this, each absence code will deduct from it's own – unique absence category (Time-Off Bank).

How to configure Time-Off Banks

How to configure Absence Reason Codes



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