TimeClock - Swipe Card Setup When Using the MiniMag Swipe Card Reader

1. From within Gradience TimeClock click on TimeClock Access.

2. Select the name of the employee to whom the card belongs.

3. Over on the right, under Swipe Card ID click Update/Change.

4. When the Swipe Card Thru Reader Now message appears, swipe the card through the Mag Stripe reader.

5. When the second message appears, swipe the card once more for verification. You will see a number appear in the field under Swipe Card ID. The number will begin with a percentage sign and end with a question mark as shown in the 4th illustration below.

6. Click Save, minimize TimeClock.

7. Open TimeStation shown below and click under Employee Login. Swipe the card through the reader and it will register the punch as In.


8. Minimize TimeStation, maximize TimeClock and click TimeClock Entries over on the left. The TimeClock Entries screen will open and you will see the In punch made moments earlier with the swipe card .


9. Click the Delete icon at the top of the screen to remove the test punch.



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