Records - Adding Beneficiaries and Participants

--NOTE-- This article assumes that  you know how to create and assign Benefit Plans and Personal Contacts to employees. If you do not yet know how to do either of these, check out the following articles:

How to Create and assign Benefit Plans

How to Add Personal Contacts

Beneficiaries are mostly used in Life Insurance Plans. These are limited to up to 2 beneficiaries at a time and have requirements before one can be added as a beneficiary depending on the Insurance Policy.

Participants are personal contacts of the employee. Who are included in a Benefit PLan coverage, usually Dental or minor Medical Plans. There is no limit to the number of participants that can be added under a Benefit Plan of an employee.

Depending on how your Benefit Plan is setup. Beneficiaries and/or Participants can be disabled.

Adding Beneficiaries to a Benefit Plan in Gradience Records:

To add Beneficiaries to a Benefit Plan on Edit Benefit Plans window, makes sure that either of the Highlighted options are checked:

1. Click Benefits over on the left and then select the employee to whom the additional beneficiaries relate.

2. Select the Benefit Plan and click Edit/View, when the popup window below shows, click either OK or Cancel:

3. Under Participants, click on the button "Beneficiaries". A window will pop-up which allows you to add Primary and Secondary beneficiaries via drop down. Select up to two new beneficiaries under this Benefit Plan of the employee.

Percentage means the percentage of the Life Insurance allotted to the Beneficiary in case something were to happen to the holder of the Life Insurance Plan. If there is only one Beneficiary, their percentage will be 100%, if there are two, the percentage will be divided between the two beneficiaries. Of course, this all depends on the terms in the Life Insurance Plan.

4. Click OK to return to the Benefit Detail window and click Save > Close.

Adding Participants to a Benefit Plan:

The Benefit Plan should have these options appear similar to either of following images:

or ...

Follow the sames steps mentioned when adding Beneficiaries up to step 3. if you set the Benefit Plan with those options, under Participants you will see a list of Personal Contacts under the Employee.  After selecting the other contacts that will be covered in the Benefit Plan. Click Save > Close.

If the Benefit Plan had the "Employee Only Benefit", then under Participants the only name that will appear will be that of the Employee.



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