Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Emailing Reports

How to Email Reports from Gradience Pro / Enterprise Software

--NOTE-- You must have an Outlook e-mail client installed before you can use this feature.

1.Select the report you wish to e-mail by clicking Reports.

2.On the right side of the screen, in the properties for the report; click the Preview button.


3.When the report preview opens, in the menu to the top left, click the yellow envelope icon labeled Send by E-mail. 


4.In the E-mail tab, list the receiver’s address, subject, text and the type of format you wish to send the report as. 


5.In the Account tab type the from name, address, organization and signature. Under the connection section you will need to know your e-mail’s providers host address, port and login/password if required by your mail host for SMTP.



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