TimeClock - Swipe IN & OUT without a Swipe Card

Use the keypad rather than a swipe card to clock IN & OUT on the Remote Swipe Card Reader

User setup for keypad use:

1.From within TimeClock, click on TimeClock Access and then select an employee's name.

2.Then enter a numeric login and a numeric password that are identical and then repeat the numeric password in the [Verify Password] field and click Save.

3.When that employee uses the remote swipe card reader, instead of swiping a swipe card, the employee may use the keypad to type-in his/her password.

By making the password numeric only rather than alpha-numeric or all letters, you eliminate the need to use two hands hold down S1 or S2 to allow the entry of a particular letter.

By making the login and password identical, you simplify what the employee needs to remember.

By using the last four digits of the employee's SSN for both the login and the password, you give them something they are likely to remember.

How to Clock In/Out:

The Remote Swipe Card Reader will display the date and time.

1.The employee would enter the login and then press the ENTER key.

2.The employee would then enter the password and then press the ENTER key.

There is no need to press IN or OUT on the keypad because the software knows what the last punch was. 



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